Today, I had the opportunity to take part in and contribute to a special afternoon of inspiration on the theme of internationalisation in higher education organised by Artevelde University of Applied Sciences. A very professional and well-cared-for digital afternoon in which a beautiful exploration was realised about the many aspects of internationalisation. Nice sessions on interculturality, mobility but also themes such as a ‘hidden curriculum’, COILing (Collaborative Online International Learning) concepts and so on.

I was pleased to share our experiences regarding I4L5, an internationalisation concept developed by NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences specifically tailored to the needs and context of Associate degrees / Graduate students (EQF5). I was able to share what our development process looked like, which concept has been developed and what experiences we have gained with it in the meantime.
I have gained many new insights myself and take home new ideas from the various contributions. How inspiring it is to share knowledge and learn from each other this way, online and international!

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences many thanks for the invitation!